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Anal Cleaner (Enema) Douche Bulb

▶ The silicone enema bulb is made of premium medical PVC, BPA free and used for anal. ▶ Easy to clean, screw on the nozzle and fill the bulb with liquid, the bulb and nozzles can be safely cleaned with vinegar, soap or hot water. ▶ Health and personal care, helping to relieve constipation and faecal repercussion and clean the neck, maintain personal health. ▶ The enema is convenient to use, just fill the liquid, fix the long rounded nozzle, extrusion enemas bulb, douche enema to clean, make your stomach stay clean and healthy. ▶ Smooth and comfortable entry, apply to most lubricants for anal and vaginal cleaning.

Enema Syringe | Safe For Anal use

# Enemy Syringe Designed using natural and eco-friendly thick natural and durable rubber # Features even white and strong - no spike spikes pain-free use # Safely packed # Capacity 8 ml Water.

Metal Horse Eye Urethral Dilator | Adults SEX Products

Horse Dilator Metal Urethral Dilator Insert Stainless Steel Urethral Lock Masturbation Rods Gay Fun Sex Toys Replacement Plug

Silicone Urethral Catheter Dilator | Nephrostomy Adults SEX Products

  • Flexible and Flexible - Don't be too thin, thick, or hard - just the right thing to do! Suitable for beginners who like urethral games.
  • Ergonomic Design - Tapered beads are easier to insert and activate, sturdy and safe to remove, preventing insertion too far and too far.
  • Material: Nephrostomy Made of flexible, hypoallergenic and body-protected silicone for maximum safety and comfort.
  • Maximum comfort: unique hollow design that allows normal urinary tract and ejaculation, extending the wearing time.
  • THE ULTIMATE FEEL - Just the right size for your needs and fun, it will provide a satisfying, spicy sensation for your delicate nerve endings.

Yoni Vagina Detox Steam Seat

Features: – Designed for pregnant or postpartum women, male prostate or older. Also use as a care pool after hemorrhoids